Rainbird Fine Art : Chineland
Monday 14th June 2021

Rainbird Fine Art

Rainbird Fine Art (previously trading as Artbank) was an art gallery based in Clerkenwell, London which ceased trading in 2008. During the trading period Rainbird Fine Art amassed numerous paintings and works of art which were not sold when the gallery closed. Featured in Art For Sale below are a number of these pieces that we know to be collectable, or of interest to collectors. Rainbird Fine Art carried on trading via a website and retired the website in early 2020.

Besides the few pieces featured below and in Art For Sale we have many more paintings and illustrations available and access to numerous artists should you wish to commission an original piece.

You can contact us via the Contact form on this website if you would like further information or wish to enquire about any of the art featured here.









Featuring – Alan ALDRIDGE,  Neil CANNING,  Anthony FROST,  Chris GOLLON,  John HOYLAND, Albert IRVIN,  Rafal OLBINSKI,  Jos Van UIJTREGT,  Jerzy KOLACZ,  Maurice VERRIER.  Rainbird Fine Art gallery.  Art For Sale.

Featuring – Alan ALDRIDGE illustrator,  Neil CANNING artist,  Anthony FROST artist,  Chris GOLLON artist,  John HOYLAND artist,  Albert IRVIN artist,  Rafal OLBINSKI artist,  Jos Van UIJTREGT artist,  Jerzy KOLACZ artist,  Maurice VERRIER artist.  Rainbird Fine Art gallery. Art For Sale.

Featuring – Alan ALDRIDGE artist,  Neil CANNING art,  Anthony FROST art,  Chris GOLLON art,  John HOYLAND art,  Albert IRVIN art,  Rafal OLBINSKI art,  Jos Van UIJTREGT art,  Jerzy KOLACZ art,    Maurice VERRIER art.  Rainbird Fine Art – art gallery. Art For Sale.