Canford Cliffs – ladies who lunch…. : Chineland
Saturday 22nd February 2020

Canford Cliffs – ladies who lunch….

Ladies-who-lunchWealthy women living in affluent areas including Canford Cliffs are among those hitting the bottle the hardest, according to new research.

A study carried out by consumer analysts CACI Acorn, found women in wealthy areas drank more than the national average and were more likely to have an alcohol problem than those living in poorer areas. The research claimed the women were also more likely to suffer from mental illness or depression.

The national average of women who drink above the daily limit of three units a day is 28.9 percent, but in Canford Cliffs the figure more than doubled at 66 percent.

As reported by the Sunday Times on 2nd June, Patrick Tate, director of analytics at CACI Acorn said “Women in these [expensive] areas have lavish lifestyles, but without the need to work, and they are extremely socially active. It is the classic group of ladies who lunch.”

Other areas higher than the national average include Hampstead in London and Esher in Surrey.